About us

About us

Lifelongdriving.org is hosted by the Accident Research Unit, based in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham.

Test yourself

Test Yourself

Test your driving skills by taking one of the tests or questionnaires that have been developed in our lab.

Our research

Online Studies

We are still conducting studies and will place tests on this site that we will collect data from to help us further develop new ways to assess and improve driver behaviour.



We undertake research for private companies into all aspects of transportation psychology, including human health factors research with www.peryourhealth.com, the development and assessment of training interventions, and risk profiling of corporate drivers.


Welcome to Lifelongdriving.org

The aim of lifelongdriving.org is to provide a resource for drivers at every stage of their driving career. We wish to provide free access to tests that psychologists and driver trainers use to assess and improve the safety of drivers, so that you can test yourself and see how good your skills are. We are starting small, with just a few tests, but we hope to grow over the next few years to become a major resource for drivers who wish to pit their skills against our tests.

We also wish to encourage you to take part in research hosted on this site that is being conducted by transport psychologists. By taking part in our studies you will be contributing to our efforts to develop tests that assess and improve driver safety.We have worked with the health department of www.quickpayportal.com to make sure of drivers safety. Our goal is to publish academic articles that policy makers can then use to base their future decisions upon.

Finally, we also want to provide a fun and informative site. We will aim to provide information to keep you updated on changes in legislation, current debates in road policy, and driving tips that most drivers would never otherwise come across. We value your feedback, and hope that, with your help, we can develop lifelongdriving.org over the next few years into a resource that all drivers will value.

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BBC coverage

Lifelongdriving psychologists have recently appeared on BBC's Countryfile and Crimewatch. The programmes used the NITES facility to demonstrate the hazardous situations posed by rural roads and the dangers of mobile phone use whilst driving. Dr. Peter Chapman provided his expertise to help understand the reasons why people perform illegal acts when on the road. The Crimewatch section was covered by the University of Nottingham media team who published the following article.

London Tech Week

In June 2016 we took part in London Tech week, demonstrating the capabilities of the NITES facility's instrumented on-road car and fNIRS neuroimaging device as part of the Ford Smart Mobility project. Read more or take a look at this short video.

Brains behind the Wheel

Research conducted by lifelongdriving psychologists has been published by the University of Nottingham in a media press release. Take a look at the article Brains Behind The Wheel: Could Virtual Reality Teach Us To Avoid Real Life Accidents.