Test Yourself

This page gives an overview of the tests that are currently available. To be able to access these tests you need to log in. You can register for free by creating a profile. Registering will also allow you to keep track of the tests you do and the scores that you get. We will be adding more tests in the near future.

hazard perception test

Hazard Perception

Our Hazard Perception Test is very similar to the official DSA Hazard Perception test that is part of the theory test to obtain a driving licence. You will see 14 video clips, which you are required to view as you were the driver. Your task is to press the mouse as soon as you see a hazard. For each response you can score between 0 and 5 poins, depending on the speed of your response. The maximum score you can obtain is 75, as there are 13 clips that contain one hazard, and one clip that contains two hazards.

what happens next?

What Happens Next?

The What Happens Next Test contains driving clips that are similar to those that are used in the Hazard Perception Test. However, the clip will finish just before the hazard occurs. At the end of each clip you need to indicate what you think will happen next (choice out of four possible scenarios).

driver prioritisation questionnaire

Driver Prioritisation Questionnaire

This questionnaire shows pictures of nine driving scenarios. For each scenario you are asked to rank the importance of eight areas that represent the driver's visual scenes from inside the car. After you have filled in the questionnaire you can compare your responses with those of driving instructors.