Help our Research

This page lists studies that are part of our current research. Thank you very much for taking part in these studies and helping with our research. We will be adding more studies in the future so keep checking this page.

Commentary Driving Video

Commentary driving involves giving a running verbal commentary on what you can see, what might happen and what you intend to do while driving. Emergency response drivers are trained in this technique to improve their hazard perception while driving. We would like you to watch a short video showing an example of commentary driving and then answer some questions about yourself and your thoughts on commentary driving to help us with our research.

WARNING: Commentary driving can be a difficult task and is normally undertaken after specialist training. If you wish to try giving a commentary while actually driving you should seek advice from an experienced DVLA Approved Driving Instructor.

Participant Database (Nottingham based studies)

We are continuously running driving related studies in our research department for which we need participants of all experience levels (from learner drivers to driving instructors). The studies range from video based studies to studies in our advanced simulator and on road studies in our instrumented vehicle. If you live in the Nottingham area and would like to be entered in our participant database, please register and tick the box at the bottom of the form.